Super Sharp Canadian Cheddar
Currently Featuring 5-Year Vintage Cheddar

Twin Oaks Super Sharp Cheddar is a slow-aged Canadian cheddar made in Quebec. This cheese is cured a minimum of three years and is only sold when the flavor meets our standards. We are currently featuring a 5-year vintage cheddar cut into 7 ounce pieces and pre-packaged for retail settings not equipped to do in-store cutting.

Making excellent cheddar is a blend of science and art. The cheese maker needs to know the science and also be able to adjust for slight variations in the milk, due to climate, feed, and/or pasture conditions. The Twin Oaks unique production process allows the cheese maker to craft the cheddar on an individual vat basis so that the natural flavors of the milk can develop. The milk for Twin Oaks Super Sharp Cheddar is "heat treated," which controls the bacteria but does not eradicate the natural healthy lactic bacilli. These bacilli are necessary to create the acidic flavor that many people associate with sharp cheese. Low moisture allows the long aging process to create the depth of flavor that is characteristic of this cheddar: quality cannot be rushed!

Following manufacture, the cheddar is allowed to rest for nine to twelve months, after which it is graded on the basis of texture, flavor, aroma, and color. Because of the low moisture level the cheese will be crumbly and occasionally have some salt-like crystals. The premium vats are selected for export to Lancaster County, PA to continue maturing. At two years of age the cheese is re-graded with the best cheese receiving at least an additional one-year aging time. This develops into the super sharp Twin Oaks Cheddar.

Twin Oaks Super Sharp Cheddar has a crisp, clean flavor with an appealing sharpness that stimulates the taste buds. At times there is a pleasing hint of fruit or even caramel. Because of the care and time we invest in grading the cheese and subsequent maturation, this cheddar is distinctively robust and truly unique.

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