Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar

Old Quebec Cheddar Frequently Asked Questions

How is Old Quebec Cheddar made?

Some people thing that cheese is just cheese. That could not be future from the truth. Cheese making is both an art and a science and Old Quebec is the perfect combination of both. Old Quebec is made from milk sourced in the Quebec Providence of Canada.

When the cheese is first made it must meet the qualifications of cheddar for aging, which include parameters of moisture, acidity, salt levels, curd quality, color, and flavor. This young cheese is very mild and is tasted for grading in the week after it is made. Any cheese that does not meet the stringent quality parameters is downgraded and does not continue the path to becoming Old Quebec.

After 90-days the cheese is again graded and cut down from 640-pound blocks into 40-pound blocks for aging. After 9 months the remaining blocks that meet the grade can cross the border into the United States where it will enter the long-term aging program in Lancaster, Pa.

On arrival to cold storage, the blocks are held in a dry refrigerated area at thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit. The cheese is aged an additional year and again graded to ensure it meets the standards required to become Old Quebec Cheddar.

Old Quebec Vintage is aged a minimum of 3-years while lots of exceptional quality are allowed to age to 7-years and become Old Quebec Vintage Reserve.

What kind of rennet is used in Old Quebec?

Old Quebec utilizes a Microbial Enzyme rennet. This enzyme coagulates the milk into curds and whey.

Is Old Quebec cheddar made from pasteurized milk?

No, the milk utilized in the making of Old Quebec is not pasteurized. However, it is heat-treated. What’s the difference? While pasteurization does kill harmful bacteria is also lessens the excellence in flavor. Heat-treated milk kills off potentially harmful bacteria, while still allowing most of the complex flavors that would be killed off in the pasteurization process.

Can I freeze Old Quebec Cheddar?

While freezing does not greatly degrade the overall flavor of Old Quebec is does degrade the texture. Freezing would leave a much crumblier cheese instead of its intended texture.

Is Old Quebec all-natural?

Yes, Old Quebec is made is only a few, simple ingredients: Unpasteurized milk, Bacterial culture, Salt, and Microbial enzyme. We use no artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or additives in our cheese.

Where can I buy Old Quebec?

If you are a retail location looking to add Old Quebec to your shelves, please visit our Distributors link on the main page. Individuals looking to purchase can find us on our On-line store www.sclydeweaver.com We have also begun selling on Amazon.com Old Quebec, Cheddar Vintage Quebec.

Is Old Quebec Lactose-free?

Yes, cheddar that is aged to this degree has had the lactose “aged-out” during the natural process. So if fresh cheese gives you……issues….well no worry here. Eat and enjoy!

Isn’t’ cheddar supposed to be yellow or orange?

Simple answer-no. Cheddars’ natural color comes from the milk. Any cheddar that is yellow or orange is so due to the addition of a food color additive, typically Annatto.

Does Old Quebec milk contain rBST.


What is the best way to serve Old Quebec?

Cheese is like a fine Red wine and should be served at room temperature. The true flavors of the cheddar peak when tempered or served at room temperature.

What is the best way to store Old Quebec?

Simply wrap your cheese tightly in plastic wrap and store, refrigerated in a sealed bag.

I have more questions.

We are glad to answer any additional questions that you may have. Simply e-mail us at wholesale@sclydeweaver.com and we will be sure to get back to you.

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