Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar

Our Vintage Cheddar Products

Many people enjoy the robust flavors that come from the line of Old Quebec cheddars, but few realize the time and attention it takes to bring this flavor experience to their table. The process starts at a rural cheese plant in the province of Québec, Canada. Cows grazed in the Saint Lawrence River Valley provide some of the highest grade milk for production, the first essential ingredient in cheese. Then a carefully guarded, proprietary starter culture and cheese making process yields what could be an exceptional cheddar.

Vintage Cheddar

3 Year Aged Cheddar

Characteristics of moisture, acidity, salt levels, curd quality, texture, color, and flavor are all carefully assessed at regular intervals throughout the aging process. Certain subtle flavor attributes detected at grading are known to take the cheddar down different flavor paths. Some paths would not be favorable to extra aging, and the cheddar is then enjoyed as a young cheese (12-18 months). But some flavor attributes will yield unique and full flavor with additional aging under highly controlled conditions. This is what we identify to become our “Vintage Cheddar”, aged 3+ years.

7 Year Aged Cheddar

During our grading, a small number of cheddar blocks are identified as EXCEPTIONAL candidates for a UNIQUE LEVEL of aging … pushing the cheddar out to 7 years aged and more. This “Reserve cheddar” is available in very limited quantities. A small taste will bring big, complex flavors to enjoy. Pair with your favorite complementary beverage or enjoy by itself. Enjoy your taste of “Reserve Cheddar”.

10 Year Aged Cheddar

And then comes something truly unique… “Private Stock Cheddar”. Only the highest quality cheese can withstand the slow-aging process for a decade or longer. During our grading only a small number of cheddar batches are identified as EXCEPTIONAL candidates for a unique level of aging; pushing the cheddar out to 10 years and in some instances 15 and 20 years! This “Private Stock Cheddar” was crafted by only the highly skilled cheesemakers. Since its arrival to Lancaster County it has been very carefully graded and tasted, as we have very patiently waited throughout this slow aging process. Please take the time to savor the diverse flavors this cheddar will bring to your palate.

Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar

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